Saturday, December 31, 2011

DIY Leg Mother Bench that Warms the Legs and the Heart

As people move forward in time, parts of our biological machinery need servicing and repair—most likely due to faults in cellular information coding. The fact that we can repair, refine and improve the biological code is the premise that underlies defines the New-Human concept. Simply speaking a New-Human is anyone open to or who embraces the concept of dramatic longevity enhancement—preferably through holistic healing processes followed by intrusive technological fixes only if absolutely necessary. Here is a real life example. 

 A couple of months back, I over-trained and strained one of my Achilles tendons. This has been a painful injury that could have lead to severed tendon if not treated. But as of now, I am definitely on the road to recovery which I credit to two self-help methods that I will share with you here. 

 Method 1. Leg Mother Bench that Warms the Legs and the Heart

I invented this do-it-yourself project that allows you to apply intense, moist heat while you work or surf the web.  It is like sitting next to a warm campfire right at your desk or at home watching the bowl games. 

  • Intense therapeutic moist heat and comfortable leg rest.
  • Fits right under your workstation desk or table leaving room for your legs to move around.
  • Approximate dimension with pillow and heating pad--width 24", depth 18", height 20"—(pillows and cases overhang base by a couple of inches).
  • Easy to carry (weighs less than 30 pounds) and readily fits into your car's back seat or trunk allowing practitioners to take it along on office or home calls.
  • Easy to position, rolls on casters, two of which are lockable.
  • Also works as an easy-to-move, relaxing leg and foot rest with the heat off.
  • Elevates your feet and legs which is great for promoting circulation.
  •  Includes stand, high, penetrating heat pad, and luxurious down pillow.
  • You can conveniently store the pad in the base when not in use.
  • Pad can also be positioned on your lap, making a cold office comfortable (no more fighting over the thermostat settings).

Ordering the components is easy on the Web.

You can make your own custom Leg Mother for less than $225.  Here’s how. (link) 

If you make one please send me pictures and comments to post here. (link)

Method 2  Pro-Tec Achilles Tendon Strap

This is a deceptively simple device that works wonders.  The strap takes the pressure off of the tendon when exercising so the tendon has a chance to self-heal.  It sports an elegant, yet simple design and is made of tough material.  I remove the strap or loosen it when not exercising to promote circulation.  You can buy it direct from Amazon.

The Leg Mother combined with the Pro-Tec are great tools to handle a pulled Achilles.

However, just using the Leg Mother daily will increase your circulation and well being.